Welcome to Hotel Opel in Heinersreuth near Bayreuth

Our comfortable non-smoking rooms are all equipped with a private bathroom and hairdryer. Book online. (Please remember to indicate the number of persons per room when booking online.)Cable TV. Free WiFi. You can choose between, single, double and three-bed rooms. For families, a further bed can be set up at any time. Your restful and undisturbed sleep is important to us: like  other hotels we trust in the quality of the beds of the franconian company FBF bed&more. All rooms have sound-insulating windows. Enjoy the daily breakfast buffet with home-made jams and marmelades in our restaurant. We accept payments in cash, the EC card (Maestro), VISA card, Mastercard and EUROCARD.

The house was built in 1833. It is under monument protection because of it's unique architecture. Since 1905, Hotel Opel is family estate and meanwhile in the hands of the third generation of the family Opel.  

In the restaurant of Hotel Opel you can enjoy regional dishes. When the weather is fine, our beergarden is open. We offer e. g. Krenfleisch with Klößen, Sauerbraten with Serviettekloß, Schnitzel with Bratkartoffeln and salad.

Please note our new business hours

Breakfast (service):

Monday - Saturday: 7:00 - 9:30 a.m.
Sunday and holidays: 8:00 - 10:00 a.m.

Check-in starts at 2 p.m. (on demand sooner possible especially during the festival season), Check-out till 11 a. m.

We keep your booked rooms for you till 6 p. m. on your arrival day, if you don't inform us in advance about a later arrival time. Check-in is possible till 9 p.m.

Please be so kind to inform us as soon as possible, if you wish different times (check-in or breakfast) than the usual times.

Restaurant: opens monday till friday  at 5 p.m. 30. Warm meals till 8 p.m. Friday and sunday the restaurant is closed except for breakfast (there's another restaurant open in Heinersreuth, distance: 300 m).

Hotel Opel near Bayreuth

Bayreuther Str. 1

95500 Heinersreuth


phone: 00 49 921 41884

fax: 0049 921 42142

email: service@gasthof-opel.de

Room rates

Here are our room rates. Please be so kind to note the different prices during the Richard-Wagner-festival in Bayreuth.

Season from

01.01. till 23.07. and  from

31.08. till 31.12.

24.07. till 30.08.

single room comfort

54,00 €

79,00 €

double room comfort

82,00 €

115,00 €

double room budget

78,00 €

105,00 €

three-bed room comfort

107,00 €

140,00 €

Free parking. Rooms with private bathroom and Cable-TV. The parking is close to the house. Free WiFi. The rooms have the categories A und B as they differ in size and can be differently situated. Category A is the same as C, only the breakfast ist not included.

Children are free till the age of 3 in the bed of the parents. A babybed can be set up for free.

All prices include VAT of 7 and 19 % and  breakfast buffet. please note during the BAYREUTHER FESTSPIELE, there are different prices.

Check-in starts at 2 p.m. (during the festival season it is possible to check-in earlier on demand). Please be so kind to inform us, if you arrive later than 6 p.m., so that we can keep your booked room for you.  Check-in is possible till 9 p. m. Check-out till 11 a.m.

Please be so kind to inform us as soon as possible if you wish other than the usual times.

If you have any further questions, please be so kind to contact us.

Find out more about the history of Hotel Opel in Heinersreuth:

Historisches Franken


Die Geheimnisse stecken im Garten Mittelbayerische Zeitung

Bericht vom 14.11.2010 im Bayreuther Sonntag

and in the book 50 historische Wirtshäuser von Oberfranken


hausgemachte klare Ochsenschwanzsuppe

homemade clear oxtail soup

5,40 Euro

Rote-Beete-Schaumsuppe mit Meerrettich

Beetroot foam soup with horseradish

4,90 Euro


parsley root soup

4,90 Euro

Spätzle mit Kräuterpesto und Salat

Spaetzle (Noodles) with herbs pesto and salad

9,80 Euro

Krenfleisch (Ochsenbrust in Meerrettichsoße) mit Kloß und Salat

Horseradish meat (ox breast in horseradish sauce) with dumpling

8,90 Euro

Roulade gefüllt mit Essiggurken, Zwiebeln und Speck, mit Serviettekloß und Blaukraut

Roulade stuffed with pickled gherkins, onions and bacon, with dumpling and red cabbage

12,80 Euro

fränkischer Sauerbraten in Lebkuchensoße mit Serviettekloß und Salat

Franconian Sauerbraten (marinated and braised beef) in gingerbread sauce with napkin dumpling and salad

11,80 Euro

Biergulasch mit Spätzle

Beer goulash with spaetzle

10,80 Euro

fränkischer Wurstsalat mit Butter und Brot

Franconian sausage salad with butter and bread

7,40 Euro

würziger Weichkäse mit Tomatenchutney (gemacht aus historischen sonnengereiften Tomaten aus eigenem Anbau)

spicy soft cheese with tomato chutney (made from historical sun-ripened tomatoes from our own cultivation)

6,90 Euro

hausgemachte Sülze mit Bratkartoffeln

homemade aspic with fried potatoes

7,80 Euro

Brotzeitteller mit Butter und Brot, Käse, Schinken, Wurst und dazu hausgemachte eingelegte Curry-Zucchini sowie eingelegtes buntes Sommergemüse (aus eigenem Anbau)

Snack plate with butter and bread, cheese, ham, sausage and homemade pickled curry zucchini as well as pickled summer vegetables (from own cultivation)

7,80 Euro

lauwarmes Zwetschgenkompott mit hausgemachtem Schokoladen-Koriander-Eis

lukewarm sour cherry compote with homemade chocolate-coriander ice cream

4,80 Euro